Top 3 Offline Marketing Techniques On A Budget

Top 3 Offline Marketing Techniques on a BudgetTop 3 Offline Marketing Techniques on a Budget


Top 3 Offline Marketing Techniques on a Budget

The Internet and modern technologies have totally transformed the business world today. However, some may be disgruntled about traditional marketing principles being sidelined with new practices such as search engine optimization.

But offline marketing techniques can come in handy and still be effective when used wisely without busting the budget.

1. Use Posters

It is unfortunate that many business owners are forsaking the use of posters, leaflets or flyers in their marketing actions with the emergence of new technologies that do not need to use paper. However, poster marketing can be a useful marketing approach with the myriad of professional printing services in town.

Printed matter is still desired as there are many consumers who would like to hold a piece of paper in their hand or a visual on the wall as a reminder. Professionally printed posters, leaflets and flyers can be very cost effective with a low printing cost for a large quantum.

Posters may end up in the bin or as litter but a 5% response from posters is likely to generate a huge profit over the small expense incurred. This is an effective marketing tool that can bring in a good ROI.

2. Vehicle advertisements

More and more creative marketing ideas are generated to boost any business brand. A lot of vehicles such as trailers, buses, taxis and even business vehicles are used to advertise some brands of products or services.

This is a low cost offline marketing technique as these adverts can be a long term option depending on the negotiations between both parties. Vehicle adverts are excellent in reaching a wider audience as the vehicles travel all over town. Motorists and passers-by are able to view the adverts on the vehicles on the road even if it is for a couple of seconds but that is enough to create an impression of the product, service or brand.

The most appropriate information with an attractive design in color can be very effective in catching the attention of consumers when these advertising vehicles pass by. They can be parked at targeted townships to generate brand awareness easily without paying a high advertisement cost as long as the road authorities and legislature permit such an approach.

Vehicle adverts are great for targeting the masses as these vehicles can travel across the country to create the impact.

3. Giveaways

Another proven offline marketing technique is the use of giveaways or freebies. Businesses with tangible goods can offer small sample products to boost the brand presence and increase awareness of the new product offerings. Once the consumers have tried the sample and like it, they are set to be loyal customers.

Businesses with intangible products such as services can offer discounts, promotional pricing and even freebies regardless of any relation to the business. Many companies give free balloons and toiletries with their company name and contact information that would help consumers make a call for further inquiries.

Consumers who receive these freebies are constantly reminded of the brand and products or services to pick up the phone for some business transaction.

We have a couple even BETTER ideas, but they integrate online and offline measures.  Give us a call to talk them over and see if they are right for your business.

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