Generating Leads – Marketing Your Offline Business, Online

Generating Leads – Marketing Your Offline Business, Online

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Marketing Your Offline Business

The popularity of social media has skyrocketed rapidly. However, most of online marketers are too dependent on this and forgot to promote offline. Being into the online marketing world doesn’t necessarily mean that your marketing approaches are based on the internet and using conventional offline marketing techniques are no longer effective.

Generating Internet marketing leads using popular social media sites and search engines are excellent; however, they are vast amount of leads that are not reached out. In the online marketing world, you need to set offline strategies that would lead potential customers to your online marketing site to gather more information. Here are some strategies that you can use offline:

Use this wheel to create multiple outlets for your marketing message

Social Media Is all around you. Use this wheel to create multiple outlets for your marketing message

When you are done marketing with these people, extend it to your co-workers, neighbors and people you have interactions with on a day to day basis.  Ask them to help you spread the word with their online acquaintances.   Just remember that word of mouth is still effective and applying it to the people you know could generate leads for your offline business, online.

1. Initially start with individuals you know. Start with your Family and Friends. Your family members and friends are usually your potential customers. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to tell them about the online business you do. You could actually call them and provide them information with regards to the business you offer. Ones that you meet in different places. You may actually join local clubs to help.

Step in front of existing traffic, rather than creating traffic from scratch.

All your contacts will add up

2. Get out from your Shell.  Don’t be afraid to meet new people. Make new acquaintances and make efforts to know new people. Initiate conversations and be friendly to people and groups in your area, from there; you could leave them calling cards, flyers and marketing materials that would give information regarding your online business. Just remember that you need to be visible in places  where most of the people can be found.
REMEMBER, it’s easier to “step in front” of traffic for your business, than to create it from scratch.

3. Be an expert on your own field. Conducting free seminars, forming local associations for people within your community, conducting free consultations, posting relevant articles on your local newspapers are great ways to inform a lot of people regarding the advantages that your online business could provide them. Make sure to give them an expression that you’re a specialist on your own field and the person that knows best about the business is you!

Create Strategic Partnerships.

Look for businesses that are within your niche market

4.Create Strategic Partnerships. Create a list of businesses within your community that would complement your business. For example, wedding planners always goes with caterers and photographers. Look for businesses that are within your niche market and create reciprocal and strategic relationships.

5. Utilizing Direct Response Technique. If you are not familiar with this marketing technique, you would actually need postcards and mailing lists. This would basically cause you more money considering the mailing and postage you have to pay.

6. Making Use of Print Advertisements. The usage of Print advertisements is the most conventional way to promote offline. You may actually print your online marketing site on t-shirts, giveaways, streamers and car stickers, to increase customer awareness. It is vital that your potential leads would see your print ad anywhere to increase recognition.

Lastly, check as well what your competitors are doing in the business. Mimic successful marketing techniques and learn from them.

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