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The REAL Value of a New Patient.  It might just surprise you!

I created a new video explaining in dollars and cents, the value of a new patient to a dental practice. MDs might use this as well. It could help crystallize the numbers and whether it’s worth the effort to promote.  Remember there are two ways to see growth.  Expand your marketplace or increase your fees.

I expect it to be used in conjunction with our new promotions revolving around the bridal niche. To be announced soon.
Dentists will play a central role in it’s creation and it should provide some very good numbers for the growth of their practices.

Contact Corky if you have any questions and to see if your area is still available.


If you would like to try this our for yourself and use your actual numbers, please feel free to download this excel chart that I set up for you.  Download both Patient Value Worksheets Here!  No obligation.  No email capture either.  Just CALL ME if I can help!

1 Year projections of New Patients

5 & 10 Year projections of new patient’s value to your practice.

We have others, such as retail, rental, and legal.  Have special circumstances, contact Corky to see if he can set it up for your situation.

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A-Z of Increasing Your Online Marketing ROI

 A – Affiliate Marketing

Merchant products are promoted on 3rd party (affiliate) websites. When visitors click through from the affiliate site to the merchant site and make a purchase then an agreed fee is paid to the affiliate.

If you advertise your products online, affiliate marketing is an efficient way to generate additional business. It is a cost effective form of advertising for merchants, and a simple way for affiliates to earn revenue from their website.

B – Banner Advertising

Banner advertising generally has a low response rate, often yielding about 2 visitors per thousand banner impressions. Despite the relatively poor value of banners for driving traffic, banner advertising can be particular useful in certain circumstances such as raising brand awareness.

C – Categorise

Structuring your site well can be worth its weight in gold, not just to
users of your site, but also to search engines. A well structured site
in terms of infrastructure (i.e. directory structure, page naming
convention) will not only tell your visitor what the page is about
quickly, but also provide the search engines with an idea of what the
page is about before it is indexed.

D – Differentiation

A unique Marketing Campaign that allows a company and/or its products and services to stand out from its competitors. Having a niche product or service makes the job of marketing your product or service much easier. If your service is not unique, it is often possible to identify a ‘unique selling point’ of your product or service.

Focus on your unique selling points, those products or services that differentiate you from your competitors, and ensure you portray these to your potential customers.

There are many aspects that can make you similar to your competitors, so ensure your unique selling point is clear to your customers. This can make a significant difference between success and failure.

E – E-Mail Marketing

Using e-mail as a means of communicating commercial messages to an audience (Direct Marketing) can be a profitable addition to your marketing strategy.

This could take many forms:

  • Targeting your existing client base with additional services or products.
  • Targeting your existing client base with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a client with its current or old customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  • Targeting your existing client base with the purpose of selling 3rd party products for a fee.
  • Purchasing a list of client email addresses for the purpose of marketing your products to a new client audience.
  • Adding your advertisements to e-mails sent by other companies to their client base and marketing your products to a new audience.

Direct marketing is popular with companies online as it is:

LOW COST : Compared to direct mailing or printed newsletters the costs are negligible. The advertiser does not need to pay for production, paper, printing or postage.

IMMEDIATE : It is instant, as opposed to a mailed advertisement, an e-mail arrives in a few seconds or minutes.

TRACKABLE : It is easy to track. An advertiser can track hits, conversions and rise in sales. Real-time.

FAR REACHING: Direct marketing can reach substantial numbers of e-mail subscribers who have opted-in (consented) to receive e-mail communications on subjects of interest to them.

F – Focus

Keep it relevant! There is no point spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on advertising on your site, and then sending a potential customer to a non-related “landing page”. There are two scenarios as regards online marketing where this is especially true, namely

  • PPC advertising – Send your customers through to a targeted page. Many companies send clients through to the homepage, or worse, a non related page to what the term is. By sending potential customers through to a relevant page, you reduce the number of clicks required to find the product, at the same time reducing the number of exit points, which have the effect of making the money spent on sending the client to the site redundant.
  • Affiliate Marketing – These days may clients are using companies such as Tradedoubler and Miva to drive traffic to their site. However, the number of times I have seen companies use the extra functionality such as product feeds that these Affiliate Marketing companies provide, and then under utilise them is staggering. By again targeting the users directly to the product/service they are searching for you are reducing the chances of the customer leaving the site before he/she has even viewed your product.

G – Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be a good way of influencing users to your site to buy a product/service. Gift vouchers can be a very good way of building up customer loyalty to both your products and your brand, ensuring long term those customers keep coming back to your site and purchasing your products/services

H – High earners vs Low returners

Differentiating what products/services offer the highest return on
investment is often one of the best ways of increasing your bottom line, and as a result your return on investment (ROI). This may sound like common sense, however many companies overlook this, and continue offering products or services that never make any positive ROI.

The same applies to search engine marketing as a whole. For example, If you have a pay-per-click campaign, and are using very generic terms, you may find by tweaking the terms, and making these more specific, you decrease the amount you are spending on your PPC campaign, and increase your ROI as a result.

I – Informative

Having a site that is informative, interesting and unique is one of the
best ways of keeping visitors coming back to your site, whether they be human or robots. Visitor loyalty is invaluable. This can be achieved via a number of ways whether it be a niche product, well written technical articles, your companies own PR or even just something that is just unique, funny or controversial.

J – Just keep it simple

Over complicating the conversion process is often the biggest barrier to obtaining a successful sale. Many companies place barriers in the way, giving customers more reasons to pull out of a sale before completion, whether it is up-selling, over zealous data capture, or an inaccessible website.

A recent client’s buying process involved 10 clicks from site entry to sale completion. By reducing the number of clicks required to complete the sale from 10 to 6, sales increased by 400%. This involved streamlining the buying process, ensuring that the customer completed in as little time as possible.

In the modern era, time is money. Therefore time can be expensive so keep the time required to make a purchase to a minimum.

K – Keywords

Research thoroughly the keywords that your website can realistically be ranked for. If you have a new website in a highly competitive market then ranking naturally for the major terms will be close to impossible, so consider less competitive and more targeted terms.

Higher levels of visitors do not necessarily mean an increase in sales. A more focused set of keywords may mean lower traffic but the quality of the traffic can lead to a better ROI.

L – Landing Pages

This is another asset of search engine marketers that is either
over-optimised for search engines or under-utilised for visitors. Both can
have a detrimental effect on sales conversions and ultimately your ROI.
If you are using landing pages for any of your online
advertising/marketing, it is highly advisable to keep these landing
pages tailored to their requirement. You will find that by sending
potential customers directly to the area/product they are looking for,
you will significantly increase your sales as a result, and ultimately
your ROI.

M – Mod Rewrite

A Mod Rewrite engine is a piece of web server software used to modify URLs, for the purpose of making your dynamic URLs more user friendly to customers and search engines.
A rewritten URL is easier to use if it is short but descriptive. The URL should have some text describing the content, but should not be too long.

N – Navigation

Good navigation structure is an essential ingredient for any successful web site. If visitors find your navigation confusing or overly complicated then they will simply give up and look for another website offering the same products or service. E-Gain New Media work on the basis of a three click rule. In other words, try to keep any customer focussed page within three clicks of your homepage.

Navigation on a page should be clear, concise and relevant. Many a potential client has been put off a sale by entering a page and then exiting the site completely once they find out the page is not relevant to what they are looking for.

O – Online Marketing

Online marketing is a term that encompasses several methods to raise awareness of your web site and increase sales. These methods can include either, or a combination of banner advertising, e-mail marketing, search engine optimisation or Pay-Per-Click. These technologies used together or alone, can, if thoroughly researched and implemented signicantly increase relevant traffic, customers and ROI.

P – Press Releases

Press Releases as a medium for generating new traffic and customers are
often overlooked in favour of other aspects of search engine marketing
such as SEO and Affiliate Marketing. However press releases are an
excellent way of building up an online brand, whilst at the same time
generating both significant traffic, linkage and custom to your

Developing your press releases should be the first step, ensuring that your content is clear, concise and unique. Branding your article is nearly as important as the content, make sure you get your sales message across in the article, and use the various sources of syndication available on the web (such as PRWeb, Newsisfree, to target your article to the applicable sources.

Q – Questionnaire

Questionnaires can be a good way of gauging customer perception.
Customers are often the biggest critics and the best testers. Involve
Customer’s views of your website, and harness both
suggestions and criticisms of the site. Integration of the best of
these into your website, can be a good way of evolving your website,
into a user friendly and ultimately profitable website. One of the best
examples of this is Amazon, once known as the biggest online retailer
to not make a profit, and now turning over millions of pounds profit as
well as being one of the brand leaders in e-tailing.

R – Customer Retention

Many companies overlook the value of customer loyalty when selling on
the Internet, focusing on new customer acquisition instead, and trying
to extract every last cent from that client. This however can be
detrimental to a business long term, as the cost of acquiring a new
customer is often much higher than keeping an existing customer.

There is a saying – “It is seven times harder to get a new customer
than it is to retain a current customer”. This is especially true when it
comes to E-Commerce/E-Services, when many avenues of customer
acquisition such as PPC, Affiliate Marketing and the like may involve
significant effort and funding in order to generate new customers.

This is not to say that new customer acquisition should be ignored, just
that by focusing on what you already have, you can increase your profits

S – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A set of marketing methods aimed at increasing the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). The three main methods are:

  • Search engine optimization – Improving rankings for relevant keywords in search results by changing the website structure, and content so that the website can be better understood by the search engines.
  • Search engine advertising – Paying the search engines for a guaranteed high ranking or for an advert to be displayed prominently beside the natural results (commonly known as pay per click advertising).
  • Paid inclusion – Paying the search engines for a guarantee that the website is included in their natural search index.

Search engine marketing companies are experts who explore the weaknesses and strengths in the methods and individual products to find the best way to promote a particular website on the search engines.

T – Targeting

A set of methods such as content matching or profiling aimed at delivering a marketing campaign that targets the individual interests of a specific user base. By targeting your campaign you can increase the quality of leads and increase your return on investment.

This is particular useful when planning your affiliate marketing, pay-per-click strategies or email marketing campaigns, as knowing your demographics means you are more likely to convert a higher percentage of your targeted audience.

U – User tracking

Do you know where customers drop out during the conversion process? You would be surprised at how many companies are not aware of exactly where they are losing customers, and therefore they do not fix a problem that is potentially the difference between success and failure. Knowledge is Power, no decision can be made without sound knowledge, and as such the more knowledge you have of your customers and their behaviour, the better armed you are to ensure that these customers convert to sales.

There are various log analysis software packages available such as Clicktracks and Google Analytics that will perform these functions. Use the tools at your disposal, and ensure that the path from entry to conversion is a quick, sleek and ultimately easy process for your customer to make.

V – Value for Money

You don’t have to have the lowest prices or the next ‘must have’ item, however, providing there is a reasonable compromise between the two, then you have a potentially saleable product. Generally customers purchasing products will pay a premium for that little extra service such as better, quicker delivery arrangements or extended product guarantees.

It is therefore possible to tip the balance towards your product, by including these types of ‘value-adds’ as part of your product. If visitors think they are getting a better priced deal in comparison with your competitors, then they are more likely to buy.

At the end of the day, everyone likes a bargain. If a customer feels like they are getting a good quality product at a good price, then they are more likely to choose you over your competitors and thus increase your return on investment as a direct result.

W – Word of Mouth

Propagation of a brand, through human interaction. This can include personal emails, forums, blogs and personal web pages. Referrals from a third party are often far more likely to convert than referrals from any other type of referral.

In terms of Online Marketing, conversions from ‘online word of mouth sources’ are invaluable, due to the limited effort and cost required in order to generate new business.

X – XML Feeds

If you sell products online then XML Feeds are a must. By creating an XML feed of your products you can market your goods using services such as Froogle, Google Base, Yahoo shopping, Shopzilla and more. Other feed marketing services such as RSS and podcasting are becoming more and more popular, and these markets are expected to grow significantly over the next couple of years as the use of RSS as a medium for advertising increases.

Y – Yes, Yes, Yes

Imagine going to a holiday site and seeing the description
‘Surrounded by golden white beaches’ or ‘set in an acre of dense forest woodland’. Straight away your customer can imagine themself there.

By putting a positive focus on the products or services you sell, you
can create a positive impression.. By portraying a positive impression of your wares, you are already creating a favourable impression with your customers, and as a result, you may find a significant increase in conversions.

Z – Zine or E-Zine

A part-promotional, part-informational newsletter or magazine distributed over the Internet via E-mail, or a web site that contains regularly updated articles, advertising and other components of a magazine.

Peter Young – Online Marketing Consultant with E-Gain New Media [] offering website design [], search engine optimisation – SEO [], PPC management and online marketing consultancy.


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Fantastic Tip for Improving Your Mobile Marketing Campaign


 Fantastic Tip for Improving Your Mobile Marketing Campaign


It is important to keep the access always open to all technology users. SMS messaging can be part of an effective mobile marketing campaign although there are certain criteria to be adhered to for a greater success.

An extensive market research is helpful to analyze the targeted demographics before investing heavily into a mobile marketing campaign. Reaching out to prospects is easy when their mode of communication is identified.

Great deals!

An effective mobile marketing campaign involves special deals and promotions that offer potential savings to the consumers. This is part and parcel of soliciting subscriptions in any mobile marketing campaign. These special deals can be mentioned in various forms of advertisements, on the web business site and on social network communities where web consumers visit often. A good promotion of special offerings keeps the consumers informed of great deals and savings which would compel

Modern businesses today are discovering the benefits of mobile marketing. It is a cost effective advertising tool to reach a larger targeted audience. Business companies that are keen to be ahead of their competitors would do well by applying some relevant tips in improving their mobile marketing campaigns.

Great TIPS!

Mobile marketing uses excellent tools and techniques from the latest resources and technology to boost up the business profits. Modern consumers use their hand phones to check mail, communicate and download a host of applications for information and entertainment.

The rampant usage of social media and networking becomes a potential area for positioning the business and kick starting or expanding your mobile marketing campaigns.  It is crucial to be clearly visible as a market leader in the industry to your target market.

A successful mobile marketing campaign requires a reliable and experienced expert or service provider in the market with a proven track record.  Some may recommend cheap mobile marketing campaigns without deeper considerations of the impact on the business.

A mobile marketing campaign’s success is not measured by the increased quantum of new sales alone; the effective longevity of the marketing campaign is important before new campaigns can be enjoyed.

Step By Step!

A successful mobile marketing campaign is developed step by step with a phase by phase implementation to allow incorporation of newer and more effective technologies, resources and trends. The network can be expanded slowly through proper social interaction using the available tools in the market. As Internet navigation is more difficult on a mobile device, it is better to implement an easy-to-use mobile marketing campaign.

Any successful mobile marketing venture or campaign must be clearly worked out to note the final outcomes. The first few stages should involve the campaign objectives and goals while the tools and resources to be used can be identified later.

Wider scope!

A mobile marketing campaign can be enhanced by the mobile content available on multiple mobile platforms that users have today. These include smart phones, iPad, computers and other wireless electronic devices and gadgets. Scripting programs must be compatible with a plethora of modern electronic devices for a higher ROI.


A Couple “Do-It-Yourself” Marketing Tips for Small Business

A Couple “Do-It-Yourself” Marketing Tips for Small Business

If you are reading this, you would like to help your business grow through the use of your cheapest salesperson… Your Online Presence!

Your Online Sales don’t ask for overtime, never are sick, never think they know more about your business than you do, and just need a little help to be their most efficient.  Doesn’t get better than that!

If you have the time and patience, you can D-I-Y.  I’m not going to lie and tell you it’s as easy as falling off a log, it’s not.  To perfect your online sales funnel, it will take hours to figure it all out, but here’s a few pretty decent starting points for you.  Try using them with a mind map to move the process along.

  • Consider Your Demographics…
    … – WHO is Your Ideal Customer?
    … – What are THEIR Online Habits?
    … – How do THEY prefer to access your online info?
  • Where do their habits overlap with your presence?
  • Where can you CREATE overlap by expanding your presence?
  • How can you integrate automation into that overlap?
    – Consider Human Nature.
    – Consider the Technology you have available.
    – And MOST of all, consider Customer Convenience.
    … If you DON’T, your competitor WILL.
  • Remember that each business is different, so what may work for one industry, won’t work for another.  For instance, the legal profession has never had any real luck on Facebook.  There is NO blanket solution.Keeping this all in mind, if you need help, and want to save months of your time  in creation, implementation, testing, analysis, tweaking, and re-testing, to say nothing of getting it done quickly to start making money now instead of months down the road, perhaps we can help.  Give Corky Devendorf a call on his cell phone at 863-236-8193.

Central Florida Business Journal

Top 10 Ways to Be A
Successful Entrepreneur

online marketing makes money and increases ROI

Improve your "Return On Investment" (ROI) with online marketing


CONTENT: What’s In This Month’s Issue?

  • Fantastic Tips for Improving Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns
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  • Our Top 5 List Of Business leaders Today –
  • Time For A Good Business Laugh! –
  • Top 3 Offline Marketing Techniques on a Budget –
  • Top 10 Ways to Be a Successful Entrepreneur –
  • A Couple“D-I-Y” Tips – Back Cover –



It is a challenge to be a successful entrepreneur in today’s competitive business environment for any industry. However, there are many ways for an entrepreneur to enjoy success in the chosen business venture. Entrepreneurial success is based on many factors from innovative thinking to great execution. Below are 10 top ways to be a successful entrepreneur.


A successful entrepreneur must be full of passion about the business venture willing to make a lot of sacrifices. Passion is known to ignite others to succeed as a team. Customers are convinced about the business offerings when the entrepreneur is passionate about the business venture.


There are always opportunities for success in the business world. The entrepreneur must be alert to seize these opportunities that may include embracing new technologies and marketing strategies.


Every business comes with challenges and risks before the desired goals and outcomes can be achieved. It is important that aspiring successful entrepreneurs should enjoy the challenges that come their way as lessons and milestones along the way. It is important to keep a cool head when facing each challenge.


There is certainly no overnight success in any business venture. Time is required to establish the business via a good company image. This can only be achieved through consistent diligence exercised by the entrepreneur.


Self-confidence about personal capabilities in developing the business to greater heights of success is crucial. Sometimes gut instinct or sixth sense must be followed to enjoy bouts of success in building up the business.


It is crucial for entrepreneurs to be flexible in building their businesses. Such trait allows entrepreneurs to embrace better solutions and resources that benefit the business. However, entrepreneurs need to be alert to the constant changes happening around them and the economy that would affect their business success.


People are said to be the assets of any company. Good teamwork is crucial to the success of any business as the expansion of any business cannot depend on just one person.


The success of an entrepreneur stems from many factors which include amazing innovation that is flawlessly executed. Instead of overspending time and effort as well as rising costs on writing business plans, a smooth execution of any marketing plan is crucial.


A successful entrepreneur must exercise integrity to be reliable and trustworthy regardless of what is to be sold to consumers. As the saying goes, ‘Honesty is the best policy’ in establishing success for any business.


A truly successful entrepreneur would not hesitate to give back to the needy community generously. The community that benefits from the entrepreneur would be more willing to patronize the business while the entrepreneur earns credibility in the industry and the community.


Success is a very relative and elusive entity. A successful entrepreneur may be measured at different levels. Some measure success by the amount of money they acquire through their business while others esteem success through their rise in status in society and industry.




How to GROW Your Local Business Using Online Methods!

How to GROW Your Local Business Using Online Methods!

Technology keeps progressing with more and more advanced features on the Internet to benefit almost any business regardless of size and establishment. It is very possible to grow a local business or an entrepreneur start up using online methods today and in fact a true necessity..


Small businesses today can compete with the industry giants through modern marketing strategies and campaigns. Their growth is exponential with a lower capital and investment approach. The Internet offers exciting host of social media platforms such as Facebook where trillions of members may prove to be potential customers for any business.

Local businesses may engage a myriad of online methods that include the latest powerful online tools to access hundreds of social media users in any locality regardless of distance, ethnicity and language.

Different companies employ different social media tools that can filter, sort and collate the right information that takes advantage of the best social media tools available for some benefits to any local business.

There is a plethora of online tools and effective techniques that a local business can take on through social media platforms.



Social network platforms today offer many avenues in group creation. It is crucial in starting relevant online local groups with some interesting topics or targeting a special niche to expand the clientele base. Social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedln, Flickr and Slideshare allow any business to create and manage relevant online local groups.

A local business can manipulate any social media platform to stimulate its members to be interested in its cause to promote its own image and increase its bottom line.



Local bloggers play an important role in growing any local business. There is a plethora of useful and effective tools like Bloglines, Place blogger and outside in that identify local bloggers in a community. These local bloggers may be enlisted to write positively on the local business with an impactful link back to their business blogs.

Local bloggers have the skills and wide network of followers to bring on benefits to a local business through their favorable blog comments on the business offerings and expertise. Their followers would be more swayed to check out the recommendation at the link provided in the blog posts. This creates the desired extra local exposure to boost the web presence of the business. Traditional media publications in a community can be effective, although the cost may be higher.



There are many relevant and useful social media tools such as ‘MeetUp’ to promote the local happenings in the neighborhood. The local business can tap on the membership base of these social media platforms that are cost effective approaches in growing a local business on the Internet.

The Twitter user group is growing in leaps and bounds to be an effective platform for promoting the local business offerings and expertise. This is a very popular, cost effective and sometimes frees advertisement that can create brand awareness. Such is the power of approaching the right social media platform today.

With the best of social media platforms, a local business can grow quickly locally and internationally.



Average people have a lottery mentality. Rich people have an action mentality.

Average people long for the good old days. Rich people dream of the future.

Average people earn money doing things they  don’t love. Rich people follow their passion.

Average people believe you have to DO something to get rich. Rich people believe you have to BE something to get rich.

Average people believe you need money to make money. Rich people use other people’s money.

Average people focus on saving. Rich people focus on earning.



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