3 Ways to Generate Completely New Sales Leads

3 Ways to Generate Completely New Sales Leads

A successful business does not rest on its past laurels. As technology advances rapidly today, the business world is evolving with more and more players in the marketplace.

3 ideas to generate new leads

Sales lead generation

Hence, it is crucial for any business to generate completely new sales leads and hold on to current customers to survive; much less succeed in the market.

3 ways are suggested below to generate new sales leads that would allow an expansion of the business in accordance with the constant changes happening in the business world.

 1. Expand networking

Today’s businesses depend heavily on the latest technologies that bring on advanced applications and solutions that boost business in terms of image, sales and presence in the marketplace.

Need new ideas to generate new sales leads?

We give you 3 ideas on generating new sales leads

Business networking is crucial with an obvious consideration to the current communication technologies available. The right approach on the best business networking strategy or campaign can enlarge the clientele  base. This would involve considering other markets for different target audiences besides their own.  Successful business  networking involves time and effort as part of investment process and action plan.

Good relationships need to be established  by  being  well  prepared  to interact  with  others  which will provide opportunities to make the “sales pitch” rightly.

2. Using emails

Email can be used as a first contact strategy

If Using email, your first objective is to get it opened.

Emails are a powerful tool in generating new sales  leads.   Potential c u s t o m e r s can be identified through the email approach  when they like what is offered in a business email. Hence, the business email contents must be relevant to the targeted audience  regardless  of their  status  in society or industry.

It is important to follow potential prospects on their  Twitter  and  LinkedIn  communications through a possible subscription to the potential customers’ newsletters and RSS feeds. The email subject line needs to be interesting and captivating to cause a further read instead of being trashed. The contents must be straightforward in the first two sentences of any business email to compel the recipients to take further positive action towards the offer in the email.

The closure of any business email should have a direct call to action for a response to the company. This would be the start of a new sales lead for the initiative taken.

3. Enhancing Public Relations

New sales leads can be generated when there are good public relations (PR) established between the company and the targeted audiences. PR is crucial in building business awareness and brand power that can enhance the image of the company.

Excellent  editorial coverage from reputable and reliable sources can build the business credibility amongst consumers. However, this includes a genuine expertise in the subject matter with high quality products or services that would convince consumers to choose the particular brand and stay loyal for a long time.

Public relations can be improved through relevant press releases that must be furnished to the targeted audiences regularly. Current events and new business developments must be conveyed to the targeted audiences which include new bases.

Quality press releases will improve company image and brand that would attract new leads for sales. Hence, good public relations with quality press releases play an important role in generating new sales leads.


Using Contests to Generate Leads and Boost your Internet Marketing Site

Using Contests to Generate Leads and Boost your Internet Marketing Site

Improve your online results by adding contests to your marketing mix.

Improve your online results by adding contests to your marketing mix.

If you’re looking for fun and creative strategies for your online marketing business, you may try and hold a contest! There are a lot of reasons why we need to create promotional methods such as a contest. Regardless what the reason is, contests actually have the large percentage of getting viral and applies to any type of business whether it is online or offline. So, what things do you need to consider before conduct a contest? You could actually ask yourself what you want to achieve. Regardless of the goal, you should make sure that it would direct traffic to your website and create brand awareness.

1.    Set your Goals.  1Think about and  write down your main objective for the contest and set other minor goals as well.  You should actually ask yourself what you want to achieve. Regardless of the goal, you should make sure to include that it would direct traffic to your website and create brand awareness for you.

2.  Set Rules.Make rules that would complement your goals. Make sure it’s not complicated and is easy to understand. Take into consideration your goals for the contest as well the duration of your contest. A month long contest would be ample time to achieve these goals.
Set your goals to guide you in contest creation.
Create a contest that is interesting and
entertaining for customers and rewarding for you.

3.  Create a Landing Page for your Contest. With a landing page, you may introduce what the contest is, the duration, prizes and other valuable information. Make sure that you present it, designed to create interest, using this information to entice customers to join in on the fun and prizes.

4.  Offer inviting Prizes.  It would actually require a lot of money on your part or you could find sponsors that would shoulder the prizes for your contest.

The more time you can keep a visitor on your wite, the better your chance to make them a customer
Start building the relationship while
they are still on the site.

For the contest to be successful, offer irresistible worth and inviting prizes.

5.  Use Social Media to Promote Contest. The success of your contest basically relies on your promotional strategies. If you’re trying to generate leads and direct traffic to your site in a creative and fun way, you need to promote the contest in a classy way. Utilization of Social Media sites is a great way to do it!
Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent venues to promote your contest.

6.  Consolation Prizes.If you want to maintain the website traffic that you generate from your contest, can be offered consolation prizes right after the contest.  A contest within a contest of sorts.   Never stop providing your web site visitors valuable information, content and fun things to make them stay

Online sales can make things much easier financially.

Connect worldwide to customers via online


BONUS TIP:  Don’t forget other business people you know and trust.  Why not run a joint contest with prizes that complement each other?  It will broaden your appeal and markets to the customers of others, that you might never otherwise reach.

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