Aren’t Computers wonderful!?!

Just to show you we are human too, our site went down and had to be reconstructed from backup.  (Fortunately, we had one!! Does your site have a backup?)

Hence the dates listed won’t make as much sense as they should.  IT reads July 2014 for the April May editions!

We took the opportunity to put it in a better format for the readership anyway.  The previous magazine plugin wasn’t one, with which we were delighted, let’s say.  Live and learn, I guess.  So if you are scratching your head about this as a few emails have suggested, that is why.

We thank you for being attentive and will get back to providing you the most informative  marketing seminar online.

If you have questions, we also now have an expert on staff.  ( See our announcement post) Corky Devendorf was a contributor, but we couldn’t talk him into working with us consistently until now.  So shoot us your questions, comments and ideas.  See if you can stump Corky?

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