9 Simple Local Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business… No Internet Required!

9 Simple Local Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business… No Internet Required!

Small businesses used to struggle while  competing with the big boys in the industry. Not so today with the advent of the Internet and modern technologies. However, small businesses today can still apply simple local marketing ideas that are cost effective and impactful.

Below is a list of 9 local marketing ideas for small businesses without the Internet.

1. Businesses that sponsor local events are highly favored by the community

as they are seen as giving back to the community. Hence, a better brand image is developed and installed in the minds and hearts of potential prospects for the community.

Fundraising events, local festivals and local sports leagues can be sponsored in small capacities by small businesses to impact the community.

2. Networking event hosting

A small business can volunteer to host a networking event where relevant audience is invited to socialize at the gathering to create the right identity for the company.

Consumers,   suppliers,   retailers   and manufacturers meet up together to put a face  to the  name for better business relations.

3. Fish Bowl Leads

Small companies can take advantage of fish bowls card collection by putting one at their offices, showrooms and demos to offer a prize to the lucky participants who put in their business or calling cards.

The fish bowl opens up a world of potential leads for a small investment on the prizes to secure more prospects for the business.

4. Local restaurants collaborations

It is crucial to collaborate with popular restaurants in the neighborhood where some sponsorship can be worked out to benefit both parties. It can be a dish on the menu named after the business company to create more hype during dining moments by consumers.

 5 . N o n – p r o f i t a b l e o r g a n i z a t i o n collaborations

Businesses that work together with the local non-profitable organizations win the favor of the community as they practice giving back to the community. The company’s altruism in corporate social responsibility is admirable    to    open consumers’   hearts towards their products and services.


Many communities would like to secure a list of essential numbers of local services that would benefit the residents and shops in their neighborhood. Small business companies can participate by having their services listed besides the information on local services and contact points.

7 Yellow Pages

The traditional Yellow Pages advertisement approach still works in some smaller communities and for older generations that are not too IT savvy. Many consumers still keep a copy of the Yellow Pages directory for a quick reference on local services required.

But know your target audience.  Yellow pages DO NOT WORK for younger demographics.  They are simply doorstops or paperweights in many homes.


A billboard advert is very powerful when placed in a strategic location with a high traffic. Modern electronic billboards offer a cost effective advertising option to create brand presence for the company.


An expert in any field of service or product would make a great teacher or trainer for the community where accurate and relevant information is imparted in educating the right consumers for a particular business.

Such   involvement would   enhance   the company image as a market leader in its field.

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