7 Offline Marketing Ideas to Build Buzz for Your Business

7 Offline Marketing  Ideas to Build Buzz for Your Business

It  is  not  surprising  to  have  businesses clamoring for effective marketing tools and techniques to build their brand and image with the increasing competition today.

However,  businesses   should   consider o f f l i n e  m a r k e t i n g  a p p r o a c h e s  t o complement their efforts on online marketing. Below are 7 suggestions for offline marketing ideas to build buzz for any business worldwide.

 1. Article submissions to relevant publications

Trade journals and magazines are always in the hands of consumers, suppliers and retailers. Consumers reading these trade journals and magazines seek relevant and interesting articles on any product or service in the market to enhance their lifestyle or business ventures. Hence, companies that attempt to contribute interesting articles related to their business offerings to print publications  stand  a  higher  chance  of improving  their   brand   presence and company image.

Brand presence and company image through good quality articles published in reputed publications.

Employ many marketing tactics to spread your message.

They all add up to a good marketing campaign

 2. Mass media involvement

It is crucial for companies seeking a wider market  presence   to   reach  their targeted audience .    Securing interviews on mass media means such as radio, television and newspapers will create a greater awareness of the company and its authority in its respective industry.

3. Flyers, leaflets and brochures

Printed advertisements such as flyers, leaflets and brochures are one of the conventional offline marketing approaches in businesses. Such printed adverts can be more  effective  with  some  effort  in  call tracking, instead of  just  distributing  the printed matter and be done with the action hoping for the best outcome.

Flyers leaflets and brochures can provide supplemental assistance in securing new sales leads

Flyers leaflets and brochures can provide supplemental assistance in securing new sales leads


Tracking the success of  distributed  flyers, leaflets and brochures   with   call tracking  is  a  crucial marketing information for   the   company   to  determine   the effectiveness of this marketing option.



4. Direct mailing

Direct mailing is another old marketing strategy using the postal services available. This marketing approach can generate good leads and sales if the mails are well written with a personal touch. But honestly, be prepared for most of it to end up in the trash.  A good response in direct mail can be as little as 1 or 2%..

5. Sponsorships

Businesses   can   consider   sponsoring certain local events to create the desired buzz for their business. The local marathon or fundraiser event for a good cause would win the community’s and local authorities’ approval   for   the   business  Sponsoring  the  local  sports  team  with jerseys that have the company’s name on the back is effective in building brand presence as it shows the giving back by the company.

 6. Mailing personalized cards

Event or congratulatory cards can work wonders.

Consumers generally like a personal touch in life. Hence, it is important for business companies treat them more than clients and prospects. A personalized birthday card, holiday cards and special promotion cards mailed to the consumer can work wonders.

7. Advertising To Waiting Customers

The telephone is still one of the most effective offline marketing approaches in business. Customers who call in may be placed on hold; they can listen to the variety of promotions the company is offering or be educated about the company better through relevant information. Hence, the customers do not feel as bored and ignored waiting to be serviced over the phone and the company can advertise freely.

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