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Ultimate Directory Plugin REVIEW Offered By Luther Landros

Ultimate Directory Plugin Review Offered By Luther Landros

Written by Corky Devendorf, Editor

Here’s the short version, right off the bat.  There are better options.

CFL Business Journal is expanding into other areas to help small businesses promote themselves online.  One of those is into a directory, FLRetirementGuide.Com, soon to launch.  I have been researching directories these last few weeks in order to be sure we got into the right software the first time and avoided a messy transition.

But I digress.  In order to help any one else in this position, I would offer the following review of the Ultimate Directory Plugin, which is not a very good title for this at all, IMHO.

I was disappointed immediately because they did not give a spreadsheet telling the advantages/ disadvantages of the plugin.  It was just a salesy video to grab sales.  And  we could have read the words they used as video, so why insult our intelligence?  Nothing more and even much less than I would expect.  Must be the plain fact is that it converts well for them.  It certainly isn’t an aid to shoppers.

Want proof?  Search for Sedona Doctors and try to find the directory that they keep referencing.  I guess I looked at dentists, so hold on.  I want to be accurate….  BRB.

Nope.  Searched “Doctors in Sedona AZ”, and “Cardiologists in Sedona, AZ”.  Couple of directories, but neither were WP.   So either they won’t give up the actual ebsite and town, or it doesn’t exist to begin with, it would appear.

I would note that, In the first search, there was Yelp , Manta and YP though, so it can’t be too tough to rank these things.

My disappointment was not lessened by support.  When I asked for further details, they initially just closed my ticket.  Can you imagine having to ask to be sold too?  I was VERY serious about buying this plugin.  I was waiting, but my patience grew thin when they did that.  As you will see below, where I have copied and pasted the results.

I already was in the market for a solution and wanted this to be it very badly, at least monetarily wise.  I reopened the support ticket.  Got an answer, but not complete or very good one.

Throughout the video Luther spoke of Sedona, AZ, so why not show that directory as an example?  Does it even exist?  I don’t know.  If it does, it isn’t very well optimized to rank.

Here are the details of my support requests (stay tuned for a much better solution):

http://whitewavesupport.com/ticket.php?track=WVV-93P-4PX5&e=Corky%40etraffic-secrets.com&Refresh=88895Case Tracking ID: WVV-93P-4PX5

White Wave Support > Help Desk > Your ticket

Success:Your reply to this ticket has been successfully submittedAny sales page and demo?

Tracking ID: WVV-93P-4PX5 (Ticket number: 3832)
Ticket status: Waiting reply from staff [Mark as Resolved]
Created on: 2015-03-05 15:18:46
Updated: 2015-03-10 15:03:51
Last replier: Corky Devendorf
Category: Pre-Sales Question
Replies: 5
Date: 2015-03-05 15:18:46
Name: Corky Devendorf
Email: Corky (at) etraffic-secrets (dot) com


Paypal Email Address: Corky@etraffic-secrets.com
Transaction ID: none
Product Name: Ultimate Directory plugin
WordPress Version: ultim
Related Websites:


Listened to a video about the directory plugin, but would like something to look at that defines exactly what the plugin will do.

I’m interested, but a video that doesn’t really show it doesn’t help much except that it exists.

And to look at an example or demo site to see it in action.

Is there any of this sales support available?

i’ve been looking at Brilliant Directories and would like to compare the two to see which to buy.

What are the OTOs?


Date: 2015-03-09 12:01:16
Name: Corky Devendorf



IF THAT is a sample of your customer service, then I am probably better off without you.

Once again, I will try.


Date: 2015-03-09 17:42:14
Name: Lou Michaels



A demo showing the features of the theme is visible here:


Mind you, it uses a simple theme to show you capabilities. The plugin contains the actual functionality for listings, and has shortcodes which allows you to use any theme you please.

What type of sales support are you seeking?

The upgrades include done for you marketing materials, templates, and video training.

Kind Regards,

Was this reply helpful? yes / no

Date: 2015-03-09 18:12:21
Name: Corky Devendorf


Would like to know hat exactly it’s capable of.
Seems reasonable to me.

How many paid levels can there be?
Does it offer listing acceptance, or does a business have to initiate the listing?
Can articles be published with it?
Seems VERY basic from what the “demo” shows. Is there a developed site that can be viewed?  That example isn’t very good.
If no, why not?
What kind of payments does it coordinate with?
Does it have any email facilities for list building of customers and of businesses?

What kind of marketing materials?
What does the OTO(s) cost?

I’m serious about doing one of these, but so far, I can’t tell if this is worth having or not.

Date: 2015-03-09 18:13:37
Name: Corky Devendorf


COMPLETE details would be nice to help make a decision. Do yo have this or not?

Date: 2015-03-10 15:03:51
Name: Corky Devendorf


With this kind of service, glad I didn’t buy.

Not trying to be a prick here, but if you can’t answer sales questions, you just post a video that isn’t all that informative, I could have just read it on a page, what do you expect?

Don’t wonder why your refund rate will be high…

**END** Copy of ticket.  (sorry for my language, was ticked at them)

Not sparkling service in my humble opinion.  Imagine if you had a problem with it!!  What kind of response would you get then?

Well, I’m not going to be the one to find out.

You see I had already found Brilliant Directories.  Problem with them is that it is much more expensive.  Starts at $97 a MONTH! On up to $297.

But they tell you and show you exactly what you are getting.  Compare their offer with the sample directory I was referred to at:




What opinion do you want your customers to have of you and your services?

The truly sad part is that had they just responsibly answered my questions, I NEVER would have posted this negative review.  I would have said, well, it’s a possibility and they are taking care of business, and I would have moved on along to the preferred model I want to be represented by.

But they simply didn’t.  Can’t take care of sales questions…, won’t provide details on your product…, What are you going to get on the other end if you need help?  That is the scary part.

So take your future in your hands if you buy this.  I wish you luck, but you won’t find an affiliate link to it from me.  If you want it, here is the webpage and video.  It’s not a sales page, at least not a good one, IMHO.

I want to know what a product will do.  I want something that I can rely upon.  Which, btw, I have had a couple responses from Brilliant Directories with questions within 3 or 4 hours each.  I didn’t actually time it, never entered my head to do that.  And most of all, I want to feel that someone gives a crap when I need service.  So here are both links. BD is an affiliate link (or it will be when I get approved), if you have an aversion to that, just look them up.

PREFERRED PROGRAM.  You should at the very least go there to see what a real directory site would look like.

Sad Excuse thus far:      http://reillylabs.com/ultimate-offline-directory-offer/

I wish you luck with your project.

We’ll talk soon,


(UPDATE)  They just marked my support ticket “RESOLVED” and closed it.  I hope they realize they messed up and the sale was lost.  Would sure be nice if they even cared though.

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Corky Devendorf Accepts New Post As Online Editor

Corky Devendorf Accepts New Post As Online Editor

We are pleased to announce that Corky Devendorf has accepted the position as Online Editor of CFL BUSINESS JOURNAL as of August 1, 2014.

Melody McGeever, Editor in Chief, advised that “For the last few months we have had a hole in our resources as we lacked expertise in the online marketing world.  With Corky as our new Online Editor, we fill that gap with experience and amazing results for our readers marketing efforts.”

 “He is uniquely qualified to understand and solve the problems and concerns of today’s small businesses marketing efforts on a budget and is a very welcome addition to our staff.”
No stranger to the media, Corky has written columns before with several associations and various newsletters for many small businesses.  He is rated as a Platinum Author by eZineArticles to whom he has contributed since 2002.
His business acumen has also been in demand having served on the Board of Directors of several organizations, such as the RSGDA, HBA, and his church, the UMC of Lysander and multiple committees.  Together with agents advisory committees of several Insurance companies, including Travelers, Merchants Mutual, Harleysville , and Unigard Mutual IC.

He has owned and operated several successful businesses over the years since 1977 and dealt with hundreds, if not thousands of small business owners.  His online experience involving such efforts as eBay, Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, press releases, affiliate marketing, CPA ventures and working as an offline consultant to several small businesses.

 He invites your questions, concerns and ideas through email or by phone at (863) 236-8193.

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